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From the President and Founder:

I began my career as a OR Tech, Surgical Tech, Material Management/Interim Director, Central Sterile Supply Coordinator, OR Scheduler, OR circulator and climbed my way up the ladder to being a Board Runner, to an Interim Director and then to a Perioperioperative Director and Administrator.  I not only learned my roles, but I learned the impact that I could make at all levels.  I understand the full circle of impact on both the Perioperative department and all its staff, but also how it can and will impact the outcome of each and every patient.  I knew very early on how to create a cohesive team who always created a satisfied patient with excellent outcomes.  Through this learned behavior, I developed a hunger and thirst for more opportunities to share my knowledge and talents with others in my field. I have been an engaged member of AORN, ASCA member since 2005.  I know that there was an easier way to improve the "Patient Experience" than to beat or punish it into any OR team. 

I, as a Perioperative Director with a very minimal operating budget, watched as thousands of dollars were being spent out of my budget in order to replace instruments and supplies.  I also saw a very separated staff, who were not getting the booked cases done within the normal operating hours and always seemed to be divided.  OR staff as most people know, are VERY reluctant to change. I've spent time with those doctors who seem to "run on their own schedule", and have had extraordinary results.  I created a cohesive team with a complete knowledge of how to efficiently and effectively utilize the EMR and was able to reduce my operating budget by 40%.  All of this was accomplished while maintaining the AORN, AAAHC and CMS standards of care. 

By implementing these changes, I consistently effect profitability and ultimately effect the customer experience in the Perioperative Setting.  I look forward to helping you overcome your unique challenges as you strive to meet the ever changing standards in healthcare.

Our Mission is to help You to Create a Better Surgical Environment!

Shannon Jackson RN, BSN